Add physics constraint component (being used as grapple) behaving strangely

So I’m using the starter ball and attempting to make a grappling hook mechanic that let’s me swing from any point I am at within a certain distance. I am using line trace to calculate the point I want to connect to. I’ve tried several different implementations, including spawning an actor at my location to “hook” to, adding a static mesh component in my ball that relocates on button press to the destination I desire and is already attached to a physics constraint with data about how to handle the physics constraint at the moment of hook coming from the results of my line trace, and simply just trying add a physics component at the moment of hook to my line trace hit location.

None of these is producing the results I want. I get close sometimes, but what’s really strange is that all of these mechanics behave inconsistently, occasionally pulling the ball indefinitely in the positive direction of Y in world space.

I’m happy to provide blue printing screenshots and videos of the phenomena I’m describing, but I’m at work and figured I’d just put the issue out to see if anyone has had the same problem.