ADD Orthogonal View

Add orthogonal view
For the November update, the program already has all the necessary means to add an orthogonal view and allow to make a humanized plant straight from it!
And also improve the reflection mechanism and lights something close to the vray or even Unreal Engine: P
I started now and I’m already loving the possibilities of the program, in regards to tool, beat the competitor, only the rendering meganism that is not so good, and the configuration system of grass and Heaven.
But I trust this team, twin success !!!

It already has orthogonal views

while it does have ortho view ports for top, left right, etc. It doesn’t have free range ortho cameras. which is what I believe they’re requesting.

I wouldn’t assume that given their mess of a post

What exactly are you saying? Orthogonal or do you want orthographic projection? Orthographic projection is already possible, just select the camera component you’re using and switch the projection from perspective to orthographic. Note that realtime shadows don’t work with it :\