Add option to automatically use default options on glTF Import.

On dragging a folder structure from Windows Explorer containing glTF’s into the UE4 File browser, the end user is faced with an Import options prompt for every single glTF file being imported in.

This means hours of repetitively clicking ‘Import’ simply because of a missing feature to ‘Accept default values without prompt/further prompt’.
To compound the issue the Import options prompt window dynamically resizes to accommodate display of the file path , and with Import and Cancel buttons being so close together it’s easy to accidentally click cancel instead on import when the window resizes for the next file.

In a nutshell, the glTF importer is fantastic for a few files, but for bulk importing glTF it’s an absolute nightmare, so if this feature can be added it would be a massive improvement.

My attempted workaround to the issue was to make a modified version of C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.26\Engine\Plugins\Editor\GLTFImporter
in my projects Plugins folder and rename elements appropriately.

It would have worked great if the plugin were standalone without being depending on the glTF Datasmith plugin. I found that when I enabled my version of the glTF importer it automatically activated glTFDatasmith, which is fine, but when the glTF Datasmith got activated it automatically activated the original glTF importer as well.

I was essentially left with the conclusion that I would really need to modify and compile the original Engine plugin rather than duplicate, but then faced with the issue that Engine plugins won’t compile these at runtime.

Fine, so I need to edit and compile this manually in VS2019, but there are no uproject files with which to create a VS project.

Does this mean that my only option is to either wait and hope that some kind soul will update the plugin with the feature or have to resort to compiling the the whole engine from source in order to make a few lines of change in a single file in a single plugin?

The latter seems so extreme that I have to be missing something.

Hey Jim. I just wanted to let you know that we’ve passed this along to the team. If there are any updates, I will post on the thread! Thanks for the feature request. :slight_smile:

That’s great :). Thanks.