Add multiple locations for a platform?

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Hi, I have made a platform with a start- and end location. All good. How would I go about making a platform that has multiple locations (first, second, third…) which works with the current setup?

Link to Blueprint


I added a link to the BP. Thanks!

you basically just need to devise a method to change the location the location is being moved to. in the below example i used a array to store the locations. then i use the current location and the next one in the array as the start and end locations for the lerp. the current location is determined by a index variable. once the platform arrives at the destination then we increment the index and run the timeline again. this example is for a looping behavior so the platform will move in a fashion of 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3, over and over.

When the platform reaches the first location (When the timeline is finished), you could set the start location to the current location and set the end location to something different and start the timeline again.

That would be the simplest answer I can come up with now. Just save all the locations in a vector array.

EDIT: Exactly like the answer above :slight_smile:


If you want a to go back and forth (i.e., an elevator lift going up or down), you can do something similar below:

Thank you for the help!

Awesome, big thanks!

Hi, the platform glitches back to start position before proceeding to the next location, would you know why this is? Is there a way to reverse the locations so the platforms moves in like a loop? Big thanks, highly appreciate the help