Add Movement Input Speed Problem

A Paper2d character works, the only problem is him having low speed.
Add Movement Input should move a character on it’s max. speed, but for me, it adds same exact speed no matter what maximum is.

If I set Max. speed to < 20, character moves even slower, so I think it adds around 20 speed, but never more.

Does anyone know what’s happening ?

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have you tried increase the scale value?


Vectors have 2 features: a direction and an intensity (length). when you get some rotation vector like forward vector or world rotation, etc, you get a vector with the desired direction but normalized (length = 1) that’s why you should multiply the vector by a factor or increase the scale value (that actually multiplies the vector by a factor).

also I recommend multiply the vector with getWorldDeltaSeconds before plug it in add movement node to be sure the speed will be always the same no matter the frame rate.

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The problem was in frame-related physics, thanks for the solution.

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