Add Movement Input Problem

I am trying to make an classic endless runner game but i want to control it with mouse axis instead of A or D keys. I tried to use Set Actor Location but it looked so rough, i tried “AI Move to” but it was not working that like i wanted. Finally, i tried to use Add Movement Input, actually, it seems like be okay but there is a problem.

When my mouse axis changes, character trying to go right and left immediately so slowing vertically. And more, is it normal that character doesnt turn rotation while axis changes?

I want the character to move forward all the time without slowing. Can anybody help me ? (Or You can show me alternative blueprints to move it with mouse axis, thanks^^)

Here, my problem: Add Movement Input Problem - YouTube

Slowing down is the way movement works. It can’t surpass MaxWalkSpeed, but you’re already moving forward at full speed, and when adding side movement, the total movement speed must be capped at MaxWalkSpeed.
Try AddActorWorldOffset maybe? It will shift the character without affecting actual movement speed.
As for rotation, there’s an option in CharacterMovement component called “Orient Rotation To Movement”. However, it won’t work with AddActorWorldOffset, because it’s not considered to be movement by the engine.

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