Add movement Input not working properly

Hey guys. Im trying to make where two players can control one character. So I made my 1st pawn so it could control left and right directions. What happens is when i press W it goes straight, but when I press S instead of him turning around and go left he starts doing circles. Can anyone help?

I cast from pawn to the character.

strange. how looks your event graph while you are playing? (select proper Debug Filter in BP Editor)
please attach a screenshot of your input settings (Project-settings->Input)

[1]: 121766-bandicam+2017-01-12+18-30-59-950.jpg

Player1 BP:

ThirdPersonCharacter BP:

Flow while the game is running:

Disabling Orient Rotation to Movment fixes it. Thank you for your help!

What happens if you cut of your “inputaxis move right”?
Does playing with the character movement settings make any difference?

Disabling Orient Rotation to Movment fixes it.