Add movement input not working in ue 5.2. How fix?

Hello! My character doesn’t move. Print string works. What could be the problem?

It does work.

2 or 3 problems:

  • Action mapping executes only once, when pressed / released


You want Axis, which executes every frame.

  • you must’ve seen this, right:

You will need to switch to this new system sooner rather than later:

  • your character may not be possessed for all we know

No, it does not work. I have tested with with the Enhanced Input System, and with a direct key. I even tested to see if I was getting anything out of my input using a print function, and it worked, but the Add Movement Input function does not work, period!

You know that every template is using it.

A better question here is what is done differently in your case. And even though the old system is now deprecated, it still works:


A better question here is what is done differently in your case.

For example - you’ve added a floating movement comp to a character that already has a movement component. Why? It’s probably not an issue in this case but it does raise questions regarding what else can we expect from the setup you’ve got.


  • ensure you have one movement component and it is active (auto activate)
  • ensure the comp has enough walking speed

If uncertain what is what, open a template and double check how a character is set up.

Do tell how it goes.

Here is my player blueprint, input action, and input mapping context

The input seems fine. If you see it fire and print, it’d be now the time to investigate the other bits I mentioned above.

OK, I found what the problem was, I needed to add a movement component to the blueprint. I tested with a floating pawn movement, and it now works. Hopefully this also helps the original poster as well. Also note I am a beginner, and started with a blank template.


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