Add Movement Input causes jitter.


I am having a small problem with the Character Movement. The video says it all:

It jumps up and down while moving. It does not happen if I switch the movement to the front/back axis, than it transforms smoothly. It doesn’t happen when I switch the movement mode to Flying as well. So it has to be connected to some property in the Character Movement Component. I did try reducing the Friction and Bouancy but it didn’t make any difference.

The BP itself is simple as hell:

Don’t worry about the stuff you can’t see, it only gets triggered by mobile touch gestures.

The Set Actor Location, with VInterpTo causes the same problem. Soit looks like moving the character component sideways in a walking mode is kind of a problem?

ensure your inputs aren’t also being used in the controller/character bp, whichever one it is you don’t want the input to be used in.