Add more button shapes

Hello, can you please add more button shapes? Can you please also add a radial menu?

I think I speak for everyone here when I say - “What the hoo-ha are you even talking about?”

You speak only for stupid people. I wont explain you

How about making it yourself

How about stop using unreal engine and make one yourself?
How about Epics stop adding features to the engine and make everything yourself

In case you can’t wait for that feature:

Dudester01, you need to chill out with teen angst… Just make your own buttons like in the video that EvilCleric linked. It’s not hard and it’s your responsibility anyways. I’m still waiting on the make MMO button…

You are by far the worst poster on these forums. Every thread you’ve participated in it’s been nothing but personal insults, impotent rage at being called out, ignorant advice and an all-around demonstration of severe incompetence and what I’d call unfunny trolling were I of the belief that you possessed the modicum of self-awareness. Until the time that you are suspended from the forums I will do my best to correct your ridiculous “advice” that you give out to people who don’t know any better. Ever since the “certification” thread I’ve been very careful about interacting with you but having seen you around since I see that you are doing some real damage to other junior users who falsely believe you knowledgeable due to your post count.

Dudester the dude bro needs to chiiilll.

side note: the post count titles are so misleading.

After the last forum update, a lot of people had their post count increased. I got around +150 or more.

It’s very obvious he is in these forums to cause misinformation and conflicts, always trying to push new developers into a can of traps.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a disguised employee of another engine provider dedicated to make things here go bad for new users.
He wouldn’t be the first.

I have no idea why he is still allowed to post in these forums.

So much bullsht and hipocrisy, 2 users insult me because they are jealous, and you say that I need to chill. Go get a brainsurgery, man

Proofs? Examples? Any way to back your filthy lies? Go get your medication. Stop visiting this forums and stop abusing me.
Misinformation, talking about something you don’t have the slightest idea bout.
Factually wrong information.

Both of the above.

I can’t be bothered to look up more, and even these are quite a futile exercise. I did realize how you managed to rack up your post-count. Double and triple posting should be moderated.

Closing this thread due to the personal attacks and other poor behavior. @Dudester01 please read and adhere to the Code of Conduct for these forums.