Add mesh(gun) to socket (hand)

i did this tutorial here:Unreal Engine 4
And it “works” but not like it should… soo my weapon is somehow way to big… its like 200x times bigger than my hands i need to scale it to 0.035 to make it normal size… and the problem is that the weapon is somewhere at the bottom next to my legs and the next problem is the movement.

When i hold “W” and walk forward and then i move my mouse to the right side i like teleport right lol it happens also when i press “A”.

It’s first person game. HELP… i try and try and try and i find many tutorials but 99% of them are useless for me because i can’t just use them… and also when i find a tutorial that works somehow… it doesn’t work how it should work :frowning:

  1. just scale it down in your blueprint
  2. post a pic of your attaching part -> also make sure that you use “snap to target” in the attach node
  3. disable the collision of your weapon