Add Markers or points to a line

I would like to add points to a line or create points on a line similar to the picture shown

In C++ you can lines, boxes, and spheres in 3d space as follows. There are also BP versions of all.

DrawDebugLine | Unreal Engine Documentation

DrawDebugSphere | Unreal Engine Documentation

DrawDebugBox | Unreal Engine Documentation

I can draw the line, I want to add points to it like the points or markers on the line similar to the picture…

Use splines together with spline meshes.

It really depends on what you need it to do, how it’s supposed to look like and whether it’s for PIE / standalone or for the editor mode…

  • you can use debug markers:

  • you can use spline meshes
  • you can use widgets
  • you can use instanced static meshes
  • you can use sprites

And you can probably use another 5 different solutions I can’t think of atm. (particles?)

I can draw the line

And, first of all, we had to assume you’re using splines to start with! Are you?

No, I am not using splines, as of now just drawn horizontal and vertical lines.

I want to add points/markers either vertically or horizontally to either side of the line similar to the earlier picture (don’t necessarily need the extended bits like the green/blue). Could be just 3 or 4 points to maybe 1000…

Just draw a small debug box or debug sphere at each point?

Thanks to all for reply, I’ve gotten a basically good result I can work with. Now I am building upon my code and trying not to overload the GPU stack, I get warnings from time to time or locking of the UE.