Add Mannequin to the Film Template?

I am starting with a Film template, but I’d like to add the UE4 Mannequin. Very new to UE4, so trying to figure it out. Any ideas? Thanks.

You can add any starter pack to a project. Click on Green Add/Import button on browser. Top of that popup is Add Feature or Content Pack. Third person under blueprints will have a Mannequin. That provides a simple Mannequin if that’s all you need.

However I would suggest considering going to the marketPlace (Unreal Launcher → Marketplace) and get the Control Rig Mannequin. It’s free from Unreal. You can create a project from it which you could then migrate to your own project. The advantage is it has male/female and they have full control rigs so if you want/need to animate them you can.