Add Loading Screen!

I am new to c++ and I tried to add this loading screen to my blueprint videogame -> I followed all the indications but for some reason it gaves me an error like missing ‘)’. Can someone help me? It’s very short to follow thanks guys!!!

post your code with the code tags

The exact one from the link! Sorry if I did something wrong I’m completely new to this :smiley: It gives me error on line 20

looks like copy paste issue, remove the & that is between FString and MapName

Err no its html changing any & in the code to &

So you won’t be able to copy and paste that since the author did you dirty.

In the code if you see & change it to just & and move it to the righter most word.

so this

const Fstring& Mapname);

is now

const Fstring &MapName);

ok but now it gives me lot of new errors here in the .cpp I guess is the part I removed?

you gotta do the rest of the code there are still & all over the place. The author did a copy and paste dirty like and didn’t go back and fix the broken ampersands.

but its the same procedure. replace & with just & and move it to the right most word.

Oh haha… I just looked at the wiki the author is !!

thanks dudeeeee I will try this you’re the best! :smiley: I need these loading screen at any cost haha

Looks like when the community wiki was copied over it lost a lot of formatting. Unfortunate, but AFAIK it can’t be edited right now.

It works! thank you so much dude this is such a good place :smiley: always happy to learn something new