Add Instanced static mesh component with light bake

Hi All

I have been playing around with instanced static meshes, and made a tool to create arrays of instanced meshes to stack shelf’s in a supermarket.
I made a blueprint and created the logic in the construction script, all was well until I did a light bake closed the project. When I reopened it the light bake was gone on all the instanced meshes.
I get why this happens, because i have done it using the construction script and it rebuilds all the objects as new so the light maps don’t know where they belong.
So my question is can I place instanced meshes and have a light bake and if so could anyone point me in the right direction please. My thinking is to reduce draw calls and prevent the need to group objects in my 3D package. Also with instancing I could have a lot more variation/randomisation.

Thanks in advance.