"Add Instance" and "Add Instanced Static Mesh"

So for the past year or so I have been using Add Instance. This has been fine because I haven’t needed to mess with any of the individual instances in any way. Now however, I have a need to do things to those instances such as change their location after they are spawned.

It seems like you can store the return value of “Add Instanced Static Mesh” and get basically the same benefit as “Add Instance”. Problem is, spawn setup isn’t quite the same and I can’t seem to get the meshes to show in the world using the new method.

Can anyone explain how to properly use “Add Instanced Static Mesh”? Thanks!

Anyone have a good info source on this?

Do you mean nothing appears? Have you loaded the static meshes into the static mesh sub bar?

Static mesh sub bar?

Yeah nothing happens. They don’t appear. The work fine using “Add Instance”, but using basically the same process for “Add Instanced Static Mesh” and nothing shows up.

Here is a pic of what I am doing:

This is the same process I used with Add Instance. Are there additional, or different steps for Add Instanced Static Mesh Component?

Ok, so first off, the Add Instanced Static Mesh Component adds in a component to the BP with which you then use the Add Instance to add meshes, the Mesh Component by itself will not work (because there is not something there to work with). If you want to change the location of the Instances after spawning them, there is an Update Instance Transform function (so this includes rotation and scale as well as location). If there is anything else you want to do with them, just ask and I may know!

Yeah that is the method I have been using, only I didn’t know about the Update Instance Transform node. I found it yesterday and it should get the job done. I just have to work index tracking for each separate source mesh.

Thanks for the info!