Add impulse in a certain direction

Sorry if this is posted I cant find it. To sum it up, I want my character to leap forward, longer than a jump but lower as well. I tried playing about with add impulse but I cant seem to think of the math to get the player to propel in the direction they are facing. Any help or alternatives will be happily accepted

Launch character.

This still has the same issue as before, I want the player to go in the way it is facing.

Just get the forward vector:

In order to leap forward and up you need to rotate the forward vector first:

30 is the up angle in degrees, 1000 is the magnitude.


Negative vote why? As the OP said: “Any help or alternatives will be happily accepted”, and so I did presented with an alternative to Impulse.

Thank you for everyone’s help, I didn’t know launch character was even a node so thanks for that, however I did mostly want something that is in the players direction, maybe I should of been clearer that it worked just not in the direction of the player.
TLTR: Its working and thanks for everyone’s help.

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Should really just be Forward Vector * how much forward you want it to go + some Z so it gets some height.

Check the answer below, same thing but break the vector after * then + something on the Z then pass it into launch character