Add / import new weapon! [ HELP ME ]

Ok guys… hello.
i have some problems… maybe im noob or i dont understand.
for example i have this:
in this folder ak47 i have everything but not blueprint but im not sure…
any tutorial for this?
i find some tutorial how to make a weapon or something like this… but i have blueprint from another project + this skin / animation… how can link them?
maybe help me on skype?
sry for bad english :smiley:

Next time please the description before you buy something.
From what it says, there are just rigged models in the pack.

is not about who create this… just simple a i have a blueprint weapon for another project + this skin / animation etc… from this and i want to link toghether and work… i try to do this but… nothing… i put the skin but dont work animation or something like that… maybe i dont understand that system and is not tutorials for this… but im not idiot. and you tell me support email… then?

Hey SorinSmon -

I recommend checking out this page:

It goes over how to create brand new weapons using pre-existing assets. It’s a little advanced, but it should get you started in the right direction if you follow along with it.

is hard… is not video… is nothing… can anyone help me on skype / teamviewer? is not for free…

the description said there are 10 animations (weapons + arms: - (10) Animations (Walk,Sprint, Fire, Reload, Aim Down Sights, Aim Down Sights Walk, Aim Down Sights Fire, Raise, Lower) ) and there is a vid of it posted by ironbelly :

start with the basic, in case you accidentaly remove some content.

go to your library, remove the local content from your vault for that asset, and reinstall it.

I don’t own any ironbelly content, so I don’t know how they work. but as suggested, you should first ask the asset creator.

And last, for the few I know about animating; for rig and animation you edit:can’t just mix rigged asset and animation “AS IS”, it’s not that easy. It’s not a plug’n play thing. (except when specifically designed to)