add images feature not implemented with Demo license?

hi all

i am trying to add images as per the tutorial with a demo license.
each time i add image folder/drag n drop/add image i get a red box with error
“add images feature not implemented”

is this related to the demo license?
if so how do to verify that it is better than my current vendor?

any help appreciated.

Hi lucio from
Are you sure you Drag&Drop ONLY images ? if there are some other files with images, it will NOT work…

hi Wishgranter

thanks for your response.

i went back to ensure that i only added jpeg.
so i added a single jpeg with file open/drag n drop and always got the same “feature not implemented”.

is there something i missed?


Hi lucio from
Tested in the same DEMO version and if you use drag&drop, you will get the files there properly…

so i added a single jpeg with file open/drag n drop

File open/drag n drop = not sure if I can follow you here… screenshot ?

hi wishgranter

it looks like i did something weird with with license registration.
i registered again and the file add now works.

oh i do feel embarrassed.

thanks again.