Add full body to First person shooter

Hi, I am trying to put the HeroTPP character into my player start up thing, for example, I want a full body mesh instead of the arms. When I do, the little ball gun snaps to the bottom by my feet, and I can’t move it, so is there a way to snap it to my hands? I got everything working except that :frowning:

i dont really understand your question. If you want to change your character to the third person i recommend using the animation starter pack from the marketplace (its free but not compatible with 4.9 yet(i think)). provide a screen shot of what you mean by ball gun snapping to your feet cuz i have no idea what that means.

Hello Gigasoft

Taking a bit of a stab in the dark here because your question is not worded in an easy to understand way as ViceVersa mentions.

I think you have made a 1st person template and transfered the default robot player to be a charactor from HeroTPP
and kept the gun from the original template active so the heroTTP uses the gun.
But the gun on pressing play is snapping or at your feet instead of in your heroTTP hands and you can only see the arm and hands of your charactor.

Hope i have got atleast that right

Best advice a noob = me can give is repeat the migration of the heroTTP charactor into a 3rd person template and then once competed add socket camera and key command so the 2nd camera is eye view this way you can see the 1st and 3rd person view by pressing blueprint camera view .
Check to see if the gun is setup to a socket of the hands
Or add socket to head of herotTP chatactor but place the camera in a 3rd person position so that you can see the whole body .

Here is a video that is golden with all i say but worded better than my novice know how could mention .

I do think this will help alot especially with attacking socket for camera and gun

If you have time , please look at my question its worded clearly and i am patiently waiting a reply been 2 days with no advise or answer

Best Regards

Sorry, I some times have a hard time putting my thoughts in words, it makes sense in my head but not on the forum, lol

But anyways, I want HeroTPP to be my first person view so when you look down you can see the legs and all the animations, but when I add the default weapon in first player shooter template to my game it snaps on the feet not in the hands

You need to add a socket to your skeleton on the right hand. Then add a preview mesh and select the gun as the preview. Then rotate and relocate your socket until hes holding the gun correctly. To my knowledge, you cant really mix skeletons (ive seen the third pwrson with the third person arms though i know what youre going for). Id recommend using the third person animation starter pack (they have animationd labelled iton sight which are essentially yhe same thing as the first person animations) then move the camera forward so you have a first person view, with the thirs person skeleton. But yeah to fix your gun problem add the socket to the right hand (not the one labeled gun it doesnt work for some reason) then add a node to the blueprint for it to snap to the socket location

Thanks, I think that fixed that but I set my camera pitch and yaw to aim the gun up or down and the arms, but now I can’t see the legs :frowning: Is there a way to correct this?

Also I just noticed, my gun is not right, lol it is not aiming at the right place, even though I got the gun exotically like the first person template guy :S and I can’t rotate it, it is stuck in place snapping again. Here is a screen shot of what I mean.

Here is in game screen shots of my guy floating and when I aim up and down the whole mesh turns, how can I animate the arms to go up / down?

can i suggest a Different approach to all this .

Download the demo called Shooter Game from the ue4 market its FREE

install it then add camera socket to the character its 1st person so your adding a 3rd person camera and adding a key to switch from 1st to 3rd person and you get a gun arms move and its a textured animated actor

Basically use parts of the demo you want dont use what you dont want :0)

or turn off pitch on the camera that floats just yaw on might fix it

I tried using Shooter game, but it doesn’t migrate the character over :frowning: It gives an error I forget what error it is but it does give one

I just read up and it says you can’t migrate that character because of a C++ error I just read up on it here

the kit works for the latest version

the third person animations from the free pack are different than the first person animations, you need to go into the skeleton for the HeroTPP character and rotate the socket so that he is holding the gun correctly. This is a little more complicated in 4.15 since you cant see the animations anymore while youre adjusting sockets. if you want to use the animations from the arms, or vice versa i made a tutorial on how to retarget the skeletons correctly UE4 How to retarget first person arms and third person skeleton correctly - YouTube also id recommend staying away from the shooter game example, its made in C++ so migrating anything is a huge pain, and its not a good example for begginners.