Add FPS to Third Person template

I have been working with the third person template for an year now while making a fps multiplayer game.

Currently I have the camera set up near the players arms using the third person template, but after several attempts it still feels weird and I can not get the camera, shooting right no matter what I do. I gave up and decided to add the FPS template that unreal uses but I have no clue on how to do this.

Anyone know or have any good tutorials on how to implement FPS template to Third person template? Many tutorials start off with FPS template and I’m to far along to redo the whole project. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

open your project, in the main window click the green add new button in the content browser, then click add feature or content pack. this will bring up a new window which lists all the templates, select the first person one and click add to project. thats how you can add the fps template to your project.

otherwise you could just modify the character you have now so you dont need to add all the other stuff.

or you could create a fps project then migrate the assets you need by selecting the asset in the content browser and right clicking it.

Thank you!