Add Force magnitude values seem a bit excessive

Is there a way to limit how much force I need to use in “Add Force”?

Currently to make my player shoot a short distance away from an object I have to apply something around 5,000,000 force. Those numbers are unrealistic and hard to work with. Is there a way to manage them to smaller units such as 100, or 500?

What determines how much force I have to use?

Is your player a regular simulated object or some sort of character actor?
The amount of force you need depends on two factors, how much the object weighs and for how long you plan on applying the force.

I’m guessing that in your case you are trying to make an object shoot from a single application of force, that is the player presses a button or something and you’d like to make the object shoot across the world. In this case you will need a very high force because you are only applying the force for a single frame which is typically 0.033 seconds

Depending on the effect you’re going for it may be easier to apply an impulse. An impulse does not care about how long the frame took so it will be easier to tune. You can also check the affect velocity flag which means it will simply add a certain amount of linear velocity regardless of how much the object weighs.

Hope that helps

That actually helps quite a bit and makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

For a character specifically, you might also find it preferable to just use a Launch node, which is effectively the same as AddImpulse w/ Velocity flag set, but it can be set to override rather than add to either the horizontal or vertical component of the velocity.

For most situations where I need my character to he knocked/shot away from something, I just Launch him.

I use launch for my blink/teleport ability but I find Add Impulse works fine enough(and I already made the bp with add impulse). The only issue I had was that I had to 0 out my velocities before add impulse. At least, with my wall jumping bp.