Add Force/Impulse not working properly

Hi people, so I’ve set this ball with a simple sphere collision to bounce from the platform to the same height no matter what height it was dropped from. Except that I couldn’t fix some issues.

First, the Ball bounces off to variables heights even with no rotation applied to platform, it is only more much more noticeable when the platform is rotation.

Second, my Ball skyrockets when it hit’s a 90degree angle collision of the platform. I’ve tried replace the sphere collision with a boxed one but they behave the same either way.

I’ve set up a physics material for both the platform and the ball in which I disabled bounciness and any other force that may add up, this is a video that shows what I’m dealing with and thanks!

PS: The collision for the platform is exactly as the mesh but the ball still clips through at the very edges and idk why.
2021-10-04 17-04-29.mkv (36.2 MB)

I’d try it like this since you actually want to override physics:

This does not require physical material. And hitting an edge matters little.

Thank you so much dude, you’ve just helped me solve a week long problem. Do you have any advice on how to learn more stuff about Unreal’s physics and world coordination in general ?

It’s trial & error, mostly the latter. I’d generally advise against setting linear physics but it seems justified for this very behaviour.

learn more stuff about Unreal’s physics

It’s getting replaced with a more intricate solution - Chaos. While the current system is usable, it is full of bugs that won’t be fixed; some are deal breakers, like material + destructible :expressionless: If you can’t fix those yourself, you’re stuck.

It’s a weird transitional period for physics. Whatever you learn on the math / logic side of things will be applicable later on anyway. But I’d lean towards learning the new system even though it’s not ready for production yet:

I’d like to think there’s a lot being done under the hood to address the issue.

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Thank you for your time, I’ve come across Chaos when I tried to create a destructible mesh instead of using Apex destruction. It is indeed something new for me as a beginner and somewhat unstable too, I’ll keep learning through trial and error and the help of this forum. I wanna move to UE5 'cause the user interface is much readable for me but I’ll wait till official release and hopefully Chaos would be polished by then.
Cheers !

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