add firebase android

Trying to add firebase to my mobile app but im confused i downloaded the config google-services.json file but where do i put it and then after that it says ‘add this line to your build’ do i need c++ why cant i find any information on this, any help would be great!


You need to have Ultimate Mobile Kit plugin to use Firebase in UE4: Ultimate Mobile Kit for iOS & Android - Firebase - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

i cant afford that, is there not another way? im just starting out!

Unfortunately, Firebase is not built into UE4 so you need to use plugin to make it working.

You need to find a plugin or integrate it yourself using C++.


Ok. the json is using their rest api. for example this is the firebase auth rest api:
You dont have to use c++ and there is at least one blueprint plugin that is free:

There are also a handful of paid json parsers and rest plugins etc in the marketplace.
Do a little research into restful apis and json requests/queries and you should have a good idea of what is required.

You can find old firebase plugins by unreal on github. Unfortunately new firebase version use androidx. And to import it you need change ue engine files (jetifer can’t resolve dependencies problems)

in “Epic Games/UE_4.23/Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Firebase/” - working firebase plugin. It’s outdated, but still helpful.

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Did you manage to know where the “Google-services-json” file is placed?