Add favorite button to items on the epic market on launcher and more feature


I like to see on epic launcher :

  1. button to check items that i like to check or purchase them later .

  2. open more than one item at the same time and the new items will be opened as 2md tap from top like Mozilla so we can browse the items easily and faster .

  3. make the snapshots provided as JPG not PNG and it have huge size and even with fast internet you will need a lot of time to load it .

4- support youtube playback directly from the launcher sow we can check the items in the market fast with no opening another external youtube link to check .

hope get your feedback guys if anyone like or dislike above ideas .


Any feedback from Unreal team ? as every day we see many new items and we can’t purchase them all in the same time so i like to add them on my wish list otherwise we will forget them easily .

Hey @mhnoni, thanks for the feedback on marketplace.

Wishlists are on the marketplace’s “to-do” list right now, so stay tuned for updates. Video playback on the launcher is also something that Chance and I have been asking for, so I totally agree there too and we’ll keep working on getting it done. JPG instead of PNG is an interesting one and I’ll have to see if there are any issues with changing that policy, as JPG would be better for people with less bandwidth.

I’m forwarding the tab request to the Marketplace team, but it would have to change the entire launcher, so I can’t say for certain it would fall on them to update it. I’ll see what we can do.

That’s more than enough , thanks a lot Alexander and the epic team who is working very hard , epic really listen to what people say thats why they are EPIC :slight_smile: