Add Exec Pin to Custom Macro

Is it possible to add exec pins to a custom macro like in the sequence or multigate nodes? I found an old question from march that didn’t have a definite answer so I was wondering if it ever made it in.

This would be very useful in cases where you want the output exec defined with a “switch on int” for example. In my specific case, the last piece of logic in my macro is defined with a multigate and I can work around this by just adding a multigate every time I use my macro.

You can add exec pins from Details panels. Just add Input or Output and set the type to Exec like here:


I know about that one but it’s not really what I’m looking for. I’m looking for something more along the lines of a sequence, multigate or switch on int, where I can add more outputs without having a set number from the beginning.

Oh, you mean with dynamic output, where the outputs appear depending on var or something?

I’m not sure if u can do this without C++.

AFAIK you cannot do that because if there was a function like that, then where will the newly created execution pins connect inside Macro?

I am really curious about this as i don’t figure how it could be usefull : how would you connect this output to another node in your event graph (and compile and save to have it workin maybe too ?) , during runtime.

Figured I’d have to go with C++. Was making sure it wasn’t possible before diving into it. Thanks :smiley:

I think I may have not explained myself correctly. The nodes sequence, switch and multigate have this functionality already. I’d like to be able to create a custom macro which has an output similar to those, where you can add or remove exec outputs as you wish.

Here is an example on how it would be useful (and the current workaround I’m using):

Basically, I’d like the macro to have an amount of outputs corresponding to the amount of elements in the input array. I would set the amount of outputs manually, as it is done with the switch on int. Using those two together works perfectly but it just seems like a macro should be able to take care of both for a cleaner BP.

I’ll take a look at how Switch on Int and Sequence work in c++ and maybe I’ll figure out how to do what I want.
Thanks for the help everyone!