Add Example usage of functions to API docs


I have often stumbled upon this and I think this could dramatically increase the quality of documentation. When I look up a method in the API Docs (talking about C++), I would love to see examples of how they are used. For people who are new to C++ programming, using stuff can be confusing. It took me a while to figure out how to make a hit trace at mouse cursor position. I quickly found the method which would do it, but it wasnt quite clear for me how to use it. I had to look it up in answer hub.

Also, a link to the docs that handles this topic would be great.


Agreed on these. Will require a lot of time and effort and manual input, but would be extremely useful. This is something I’ve also requested a few times, similar to what Microsoft have on MSDN.

Of course, they have a huge team to do that kind of stuff though :wink:

We have already started adding example code to the API reference pages as you can see here:

(Forgive the appearance if it is broken. The site is currently undergoing maintenance so some of the page may appear broken.)

We will continue to improve the implementation and add more examples over time, but the process is underway!

UE4 APIs are very huge so it probably will take some time to fill it with examples