Add engrams on start?

So I’ve run into another problem with my mod.

I am trying to add a new craftable item to the mortar and pestle and the recipe is meant to be available from the start. Unfortunately, adding the engram via pawn inventory as a default item causes the blueprint to appear among the craftables (it isn’t meant to), but you still have to learn the engram separately to be able to craft the item at a mortar and pestle.

Is there a way for me to have players auto-learn engrams whenever a new one joins the game?

I wouldn’t know about getting it to give you it from the start but a quick Idea of maybe getting around it by making the cost of the blueprint be 0 engram points would be a quick solve.

Yes, that is what I’m doing right now, but manually learning over 10 engrams for free is just annoying. Ideally I would like them to cost 3-4 points all together, but you can’t set the cost below 1 for each engram, and that would be too much imo. So yeah, some way to trigger an event that would add more engrams would be pretty rad.

Additionally, is there a way to hide engrams from the list but still have them function w/o it being an auto-craft recipe? I tried adding the recipes to default player inventory but I just ended up with a lot of blueprints that can’t even be crafted by hand - and they still wouldn’t appear inside the structure unless you learned the actual engrams.

Okay, new question.
Does anybody know if there is a way to add engrams to a structure so that they appear among the recipes WITHOUT the player having to learn them?
Or for multiple recipes to be unlocked upon learning one engram?