Add/Edit Sphere Reflection Capture child actor in construction script

Hi all,

I have a spline that I am using to generate a track in a scene with. (Spline meshes and all that)

I thought it’d be nifty to generate sphere reflection capture components along the spline so they can update as and when I edit the line, and then rebuild reflections and all later.

I can add a child actor component and select “Sphere Reflection Capture” as the child actor class, this works and I have them in my scene but the influence radius is huge so I was hoping to edit that in the construction script, However I can’t edit the influence radius as it needs to be a “Sphere Reflection Capture Component Object Reference” and not a “Sphere Reflection Capture Object Reference”.

Would anybody be able to shed some light on this? or even if I’m doing it wrong from the start?

Many thanks.

Create a blueprint, child of SphereReflectionCapture. Select the root component and set the radius you want there. In your track bp, use this class you created in the child actor, instead of the default one.

Influence radius can’t be set directly like you want, that’s not exposed to blueprint, might be doable with some C++. Otherwise you can create several child classes with different influence radii and choose between them in your track’s construction script.