Add distortion to existing sound?

Hi, is it possible to add some distortion ? I mean with blueprints. Like, I press a button and the same sound gets distorted Thanks

Hi Dudester01!

Check out the Early Access guide for turning on the New Unreal Audio Engine–look at the section on how to turn on and use Source Effects it allows you to add effects to sounds via BP:

There are two different distortion effects so far.

Hi, thank you very much for the reply,
Cool feature, tho I couldn’t manage how to change sounds… Do you plan to make a video tutorial or a stream on the feature? The guide is a bit hard to understand

I don’t have the **Source Effect Preset Chain, **may you know why?
I have enabled both Synthesis and Sound Utilities, I am using 4.17

You can’t expect to understand everything the first few days. Also, you gotta really study the guide in the sticky that was linked. The answer to your preset chain problem is in like step 1 or 2…

Sounds good, doesn’t work
Thanks for your input,
I have done step 1 and 2, still it doesn’t solve the problem :frowning:

Weird. Double check it’s the config file in the folder of the engine version you are currently using? 4.17 is aaaages ago, but still there was extra assets like source effects to be created back then too, if new mixer and plugins were enabled.

I restarted the computer and it now works