Add delay to FirstPerson Camera rotation input

Hello, I would like to add an effect to my First Person Camera that will put a delay between my mouse movement and the actual response from the camera movement of the character, a sort of drunk effect. Is there a way to do that? Thank you

Don’t know what kind of effect you are looking for exactly but you may want to look into “camera lag” and a spring arm. Then mess with the numbers for how much the camera lags behind player movement.

When I move the mouse, the camera should follow this movement with a delay, not instantly. I tried with camera lag but apparently this lets me move something along with the camera with a delay, I want the camera itself to respond with delay to the input

I think what you want then is camera lag and the problem you are experiencing is with how you parent your actor components. The camera should be attached to a spring arm, and the spring arm should be attached to the player mesh directly. Nothing else should be attached to the spring arm or camera.Post a screen shot of your actor components in the viewport and I will see if that is potentially the issue.