Add custom executable target to project/plugin


I am integrating CEF3 as UI library into UnrealEngine4 and need to add JS extensions to the CEF3 process.

I want to add a javascript extension to CEF3 that can be used to control parts of the UnrealEngine4.
CEF3 has a “browser” process which is the UnrealEngine4 process and a “render” process for every browser window you open.
The code to add the extension needs to be run in the “render” process and therefore I need to add my own executable
that spawns a CEF process with some special handlers being implemented.
It is basically a simple main function that spawns the CEF render process.

It is possible to run CEF3 as single process directly in the UnrealEngine4 project,
however the developers discourage one from doing this in production code due to stability issues and it is not yet supported on MacOS.

What I want to do
I have developed a c++ plugin that does the entire CEF3 integration.
Now I want to add a build target for a custom executable to the plugin project in order to compile this tiny executable
from the same code base as the plugin itself.
Is this possible with the UnrealBuild tool?

Thank you for your help in advance.