Add custom culture to Localization Dashboard

how can I add culture (which is not on list) to the Localization Dashboard?

I tried edit [DefaultEditor.ini][1] (link on my ini), but I only accomplished creating blank culture to list of translated cultures. On that blank culture doesn’t work any command (Edit,Import,Export,Complie,Delete).

In 4.8p2 was possible to use translation editor to edit my custom culture, now this feature is hidden in Localization Dashboard and how I said above these buttons don’t work with custom culture.

How can I solve that?

Thanks for help.

I also would like to know the answer to this. I would like to add support for Hebrew to my game

I would also like to know this. There are some languages missing which even have an ISO 639-1 entry. Also I’d like to add a constructed language. Can I somehow define a custom culture by myself without editing the Unreal Engine source code?

It will be great also as a “playground”. I would like to add custom culture simply just to have something we will all work on and develop the game, and It will be most likely mix of our native langue with english, but it will be by no means The English :wink: So it will be great to have an option to create our own “delete-me-english” culture for actual development and then have the “real” en :wink: