Add custom Animation Event to Players (like Jump)

Hey guys. I searched for this for quiet some time now and didnt find the answer to it or i just didn’t know what to search for. My game is an automatic game that does not get any user input. The stats for the characters will be taken of a browsergame and my game is supposed to show the animation. I found several tutorials on how to play animations on Button Clicks etc. but i try to add an event (or whatever it is called) like the jump here in the screenshot


What is want is to replace the jump with a node i create myself so it also plays the animation for x seconds and then switches back. I got it to work by defining which animation should be played for how long (set delay), but this stopped the rest of the code from executing for the time of that delay, and i have to play the attack and react(dodge) animation at the same time. It works perfectly with the predefined jump so i wanted to ask you guys how it’s done.

Excuse my English and my lack of UE4 skills.

Thanks in advance