Add CSV rows into array

![alt text][1]Hi! So, I’m basically trying to create a tiled based level using data from a CSV file (which kind of tile basically, so its just one column with an int for each row) I’ve already solve the bad csv import problem from MS Excel, Have coded my reader class and correctly imported my CSV, anyhow I just can’t seem to understand how to actually extract that data right on to my Array var.

The situation state:

Those are the contentsvof the csv.

This is the reader code:

struct FReadFile : public FTableRowBase


	/** Type of tile to operate with */
	UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = '0')
		int32 TileType;

and this is how I think it should be done (or similar) to extract each row for filling up the array using blueprints.

As I’ve come to understand, by breaking up the read file which is somehow connected to the csv data, it should add all of it with the fill blueprint.

Anyhow it doesn’t work it just fills up the array with the same loop index, What am I missing?

The detailed you can be with this, the more I will appreciate since I’m a bit of a begginer her at UE4.

Thanks a lot!

Okay! Already solved, if for any reason someone ever reaches this post with the same question here is a great answer to it: