Add crowd randomly

Hi, i am new in Unreal and would like to create a serious game for evacuation purpose. I am wondering which is the best practice to add crowd (lets say 100 of passengers) in an an area (eg station platform) and make them move to specific location (the station exit) after a specified triggering and then destroy. Which is the best practice, spawning the characters?, add multiple times the character blueprint in the level?
In extended version i would like to add some random variations in the characters such as, mesh, max walk speed, delay to start walking
I am aware on how to spawn within a volume but some features like delay before MovetoLocation does work only for one spawned character.

Thank you in advance

here is a solution for your problem just if you want to add the crowd once just do it with an event begin play and if you want it to work better use a diffrent location point in your bp or multiple.

Thank you MrPRODude.
It works fine and my characters spawn in the selected volume.
Now, i would like to make them move to a specific target. Therefore, after the spawner i add the MovetoLocation node and import the coordinates to the Location. But, i do not want them to start move simultaneously, i want a variation in time (delay) before start walking. If a add a delay between spawner and MovetoLocation, only one spawned character moves.
Moreover, witch is the best (more realistic and efficient) AI Controller parameters to handle the object and character avoidance (e.g. detour)?

Thank you in advance

here are some tutorials on behavior trees it can help your problem a lot Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - AI - Part 1 The Behaviour Tree - YouTube

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