Add Controller Pitch & Yaw not working

I think I’ve found a bug with the ACP and ACY Nodes that I’ve posted on the AnswerHub last week (scroll down to get to the conclusion) but not heard back from Epic on and could do with some help to see if it’s just me suffering from this or if everything is fine and I’ve just screwed up :slight_smile:

Basically if you set get the Axis Values for the Gamepad and / or Mouse in a Player Controller Blueprint but use the ACP and ACY nodes in the Player Character Blueprint then the ACP and ACY won’t work.

Has anyone else experienced this or know of any work arounds?

Have you checked to see if your camera or camera boom (1st or 3rd person) are set to UsePawnControlRotation = true. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your problem.


Thank you!!! OpticalShadows

Thank you!