Add Controller Pitch Input isn't Relative

I’m making a multiplayer space ship fighter game with blueprints. Add Controller Roll and Pitch input replicates well in a multiplayer game. However, while Add Controller Roll Input is relative to the player, Add Controller Pitch Input is not. I’ve tried a million different solutions, flags, etc, and still encountering the problem. At this point I think it’s a bug with the way the player controller handles rotation. You can see a video of the issue here

Further, you can download this issue replicated in a clean project here

Hey CharlieTheTall,

I’ve reproduced your issue and entered a bug report, which you can track using the link below:

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It looks like this was marked by design. This is what the Dev said.

Our rotators apply roll, then pitch,
then yaw, so this is expected. You’ll
need to work out the pitch as a
rotation around the desired axis and
apply that. Using quaternions can help
with composing rotations like that.

I’m assuming that I cannot do this in Blueprints and I need to turn to code? What’s the fastest way for me to dig into this in code?

As far as digging into the issue, you’ll just need to work out the required math in order to get the rotation that you’re looking for.

What I recommend doing is creating a question in the C++ Programming section that details exactly what you’d like to accomplish so that the community can assist you with this, as we do not guarantee support for development questions.

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