Add Controller Input not working in packaged game

Hi, I have quite an odd problem on my hands. I use axes LookUp and Turn, bound to mouse Y and X respectively, to control my character’s looking movement. Both of these axes work fine in editor, but when I package the game, only the vertical axis works properly, however I can still see the horizontal axis’ value. It’s just the input event that doesn’t seem to work, although both events are structured the exact same way. As per other threads, I both restarted the editor multiple times and made sure I wasn’t turning mouse control to UI only and never turning it back to the game.

Here’s my script.

Hello LethalClips,

This is quite odd as I don’t see anything particularly wrong with that blueprint. Just as something to try, have you tried removing everything between Input Axis Turn and Add Controller Yaw Input and see if it works correctly then? If it does, it at least gives us an idea of where the issue is. If it doesn’t, then we know that the issue is likely elsewhere.

Hi Matthew! I ended up posting on /r/unrealengine about this issue, and found another person with the same issue, who told me to turn off “Nativize Blueprint Assets”, which I was using in my project. This actually fixed my problem. I was going to submit a bug report on this, but I couldn’t figure out any way to reproduce it. Creating a clean project didn’t give the same result, but at the time I posted this, there wasn’t much of anything in my project besides a few other C++ classes. This script is in a Player Controller which is a child of a Player Controller C++ class with only one method as of now (a fire method for a weapon).

Glad to hear that it’s fixed on your end. Nativize Blueprint Assets is still an experimental feature at this time so some odd behavior is expected but I’ll attempt to try to reproduce it locally. If you find any more information, please let me know but at the moment I’ll be marking this as resolved.