Add Component Tracks To Sequencer Through Editor Utility Widget


I have created a blueprint editor utility widget that will add a selected object to sequencer. The only problem I am running into is: “how can I add a component track to the actor through blueprints?” Using the add track function I can add a transform track, but not sure how to add my skeletal mesh components? Thank you in advance!

It seems that I can add tracks, but I cannot specify the correct track in “track type”? If there was a track type of “skeletal mesh component”, it seems like this would be straight forward

There isn’t such a thing as a SkeletalMeshTrack, there are object bindings instead, these aren’t the same as tracks, but are the objects that tracks manipulate.

You can add a possessable of a component, this will look like a subtrack of the actor, but is actually its own binding, just like the actor binding above it.

Similarly you can do the same thing with spawnables, which can be useful. In those cases you need to get the ObjectTemplate from the spawnable binding and change settings there.

Hope this helps!

If any of these nodes are missing, you will need to get the SequencerScriptingPlugin enabled.

Ah! Incredible! I was not familiar with possessables :slight_smile: Makes perfect sense now. Here is the final result that I came up with if anyone is curious

Huge thank you to Ryan! You sir are a rockstar :slight_smile:

You could skip the Add Actors part i expect. Adding a possessable of an actor, or a component of an actor will do the same thing.

Glad it helps.

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Thank you, it’s very usefull.
I’m looking to automatically add Material Instance parameters in my sequence.
I’m able to create MovieSceneMaterialComponentMaterialTracks for
my SkeletalMeshComp but I don’t know how to add a section with the parameter name I want to edit in the sequence. How can I do that ?

Also, the track reference Element0 but if I create another track it also reference Element0, how can I get acces to Element1, 2, 3, …, 7?

I found a solution, cast the section to MovieSceneParameterSection and call Add Scalar Parameter Key.
For the index element there is a function SetMaterialIndex in the cpp class MovieScaneComponenetMaterialTrack but it’s not blueprint callable, so I modified that, it’s working now.