Add collision for projectile (not movement component)


I created a projectile which moves not by physics but by calculated trajectory from ballistics tables, it works good. Now I need to add collision for it, basic sphere component is not working - not calls OnHit event. How can I add it?

It looks like collisions works if I changing collision type from projectile to all blocks but velocity is big so collisions sometimes not working, looking to tracing solution

When the projectile is too fast, it could pass through an object from one frame to another without touching it.

In every frame you can do a LineTraceByChannel with Start = position of projectile at last frame and End = position at new frame. See

If not only the way but also the extent/volume of the projectile is critical, you can instead create a box collision in every frame, that simulates the space the projectile went through in this time.

Thank you response! Box collision could work, actually, I tried to use capsule but it has wrong orientation by Z.