Add Child to Horizontal Box from Another Widget Not Working

Hey everyone! I’m working on an Inventory and Crafting system right now and I’m having trouble with the add child node. I’m trying to add a widget to a horizontal box from another widget, but it’s not adding anything. If I change the horizontal box that I’m referencing from another widget to a horizontal box from the same widget it works just fine. Let me provide a screenshot to help give a better understanding.

Item Widget is referencing the widget that holds the horizontal box Function Box. I checked to make sure Item Widget is valid and it is.

Now when I switch Function Box to a horizontal box in the same widget as this blueprint graph, it works just fine. I’m not quite sure what the problem is here. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Get Actions function either. If anyone would be able to help give some insight into this problem, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

I’ve got a similar issue. if I delete the canvas panel from my widget and insert in a size box
the size box override no longer works. The box just stays the same size, but if I leave the canvas panel in
as the root, then I can change the size box.

WHY IS THIS ? The size box should beable to adjust to any size when there is no canvas panel

Did you try plugging something into the ‘Owning Player’ pin?

I appreciate the response! I did not think of that. I tried to plug in get player controller, but it unfortunately didn’t work. Any other ideas?

On the construct event inside the child class, put a print string to verify that they are actually being created. Also, post a screenshot of the design view for the child class.

EDIT: Another thing you can try is dropping the child widget in the horizontal box as a user widget to verify that it is rendering properly.

I put a print string after an event construct node and the print string didn’t return anything, so now we know that it’s not being created. As for the second solution, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Here’s the blueprint as well as the design view inside of Vertical Widget.


I would check and verify that the events are actually being fired.

In the palette (where you find horizontal box, vertical box, spacer, etc.), all of your widget blueprints will appear at the bottom as user widgets. This allows you to add them as a child through the designer, instead of how you are currently attempting to do programmatically via blueprints. The purpose of this is to verify that the widget actually renders correctly once it is added via blueprints.

Is this what you meant? If so, it didn’t show up in-game.


Sounds like Actions Widget it might be set to invisible.

Where would I go to check if it’s invisible? As I said in the original post, it works fine when I change Function Box to a horizontal box in the same widget.

The parent-child relationship system Unreal Engine uses is nothing but a nightmare. This reminds me of the RENEW Spell in Final Fantasy, where you get a boss right down to the last few of its health bars and then they cast the RENEW spell when their health is all down in the red, they cast that spell to restore back all their health and they they suddenly have a full health bar again and all your hard work and effort goes all down the drain… Now you have to fight them twice instead of once…

This is why Unreal Engine is a nasty system to try to work with. Parents resetting the children.

Sorry, I failed to correctly read your original post. It sounds like Function Box is a type of widget that either does not accept children, or does not render its children as intended. Can you explain what Function Box is?

Function Box is a horizontal box inside of Item Widget. It’s purpose is to add function buttons to it such as drop, drop all and eat/drink

Still having trouble with this problem. I’d appreciate any help!