Add child components to root blocking collision shape

I would like to be able to allow child components add their collision to a pawn’s root component, for blocking collision. Ideally, we could set a property on any mesh or collision component called something like bWeldToRoot, which adds the components collision to the root collision shape.

currently, there is no way to add components like wheels or legs to a pawn, and allow them to physically stop the part from penetrating. this would be useful for keeping weapons from going through walls, or for prone blocking the players rotation when they lay down.

without this feature, making a modular vehicle building game, like Kerbal Space Program or Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, seems to be impossible with UE4.

I think alot of people want this feature, I see questions about it all the time:

I’m currently working on implementing this feature. Should I have any results, I’ll be sure to be seen in this thread once more.

i have the same problem with my car: Car wheel collision doesn't work "Wheeled Vehicle Component" - UE4 AnswerHub