Add child actor component from array

I’m pretty sure the answer is simple but as I’m new with blueprints I’d like a bit help.

So I got the following blueprint which runs just fine and spawns 5 items in my select area between BP_Item and BP_Item_Red (there are more like green,yellow,black etc but it doesn’t really matter)

what I want to do is set up the same thing but instead of a switch to randomly choose which actor to spawn, to be able to get the actors from an array which has them all stored and pick a random one like this

my issue is that I’m kinda lost on how to fill the array. Usually most type of arrays like “class array” which I used mostly so far with spawn actor, show up in class defaults and I can do that from there but “actor arrays” don’t show up . (example below)

Looks like your array is set up to hold ‘actor references’. I believe if you wanna do it that way, the actors should already exist before you can populate your array. You can probably do that programmatically by spawning them hidden somewhere in the level and making a volume overlap trigger system to populate your array.