Add Camera Parent Socket Lag

I am trying to properly animate my player. Currently the arms and head will rotate move up & down depending on the player’s control rotation, but the only way for me to see the player’s arms at all times is to attach the camera to the player’s head socket (this is an FPS game) This works great, except for the fact that the camera shakes like crazy when the player runs around. I am needing someway to stop the camera from shaking so much while still seeing the arms at a constant angle. An idea I had was to use a spring arm and apply lag, but this didn’t seem to make any difference. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks ahead of time.

I’m certain this issue will surface for myself during the development of my FPS RPG. The the spring arm + lag idea doesn’t sound bad at all. I would anticipate some form of interpolation to be useful. Denny provided some cool easing / tweening blueprints functions over here.

The problem is that the camera is attached to the head, so it moves on it’s own, which restricts my ability to interpolate it.

Hi Jamendxman,

I’m using a SpringArm Component attached to the Character Mesh’s Head Socket/Bone, then attach the Camera to this SpringArm with a Attach To BP Node. There is a tiny amount of sway with the animation, but, adds to the realism. Not sure what your tolerance level of such sway is and it may be dependent on the animation. I’m using several SpringArm Components as Point-Of-View References points to interpolate smoothly in transitions from one perspective to another. I let you know my results.