Add camera lag without spring arm?

Just as the title says I’m having a bit of difficulty adding camera lag in the blueprints. The only real reason I want to do it without a spring arm is because I don’t believe I can clamp the camera x-axis movement when using it.

If you want lag, then use an interp node. Here, that would be a vinterp.

The camera manager is not a bad place to do it, example:

Attempted that but I wasn’t quite sure how to implement it correctly. Any ideas?

Totally untested, but for your graph, this is how you would do it:

With interp, you have to work with 2 inputs. The current value ( which must be a real time sample ), and the target value, which we have calculated here.

Give it a go :slight_smile:

EDIT: Incidentally, I think you might have your axes screwed up. I actually tried running it, and then changed it to this:

Thanks that’s exactly what I needed! Regarding the axis, for some reason the projects axis are a bit out of place so that’s mine were so odd looking, z is up right now.