Add BP's for foliage meshes to add trigger sounds?

Hey guys,

I need some BP help to add trigger sounds for entering foliage like bushes, grass etc.

Would the best way to make BPs out of the different foliage meshes for adding trigger sounds when passing through a bush for example?

Just have some questions if this is the right way:

  1. First of all, how would I setup this BP? Since I suck pretty much on BP.

  2. When I set the trigger volume for the bushes, what happens if a mapper scales the sizes on the bushes? Will the trigger volume shape follow the scaling if that happens?

  3. Can I add sounds for entering/passing through in different speeds of moving? Like walk, run, sprint?

Here’s my BP made for one of the bush meshes.

How would I handle large grass fields painted on the maps? If I want moving sounds when passing through large grass fields?

Thx in advance!

Hi ,

Depending on how many you will be adding. If it is not a huge amount, you could make the foliage a BP itself with the code in it.

Else you could put a trigger box around your character and control it inside your character.

Also, you could look at doing in Level BP with tigger boxs placed in Level.

Or just place Sound BP around your level and leave and stuff and Simple Meshes.