Add bones to an Animation Slot?

Doubt I will get a response here but it’s worth a try.

I have an Aim Offset for looking around created from animations/poses from City Sample. However, I want to limit this to only affect the neck and head bones.

I’ve created a Head slot in the Slot Manager, but nowhere is there any place to choose which bones define it. Am I missing something? How do you assign bones to a slot? Is that even something that can be done? If not, why are the slots typically called “Upper Body,” etc?


I fixed my own problem - as usual – for future confused persons, “Animation Slots” don’t actually seem to have anything to do with bones – they are just typically given names which indicate that relationship.

The thing I was looking for was the BRANCH FILTER in the “Layered Blend Per Bone” node in the AnimGraph.

There I am able to specify that animation should only be “NECK AND UP” by using the neck bone, depth 1. Works fine.


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