Add blueprint equivalent to commenting out code

Hey there. I was just thinking it would be great to have an equivalent of commenting code out within Blueprints. To be able to leave some blueprint code completely wired and intact but disabled in the way commenting out code works.

Something maybe along the lines of a blueprint editor contextual menu option to “disable selected nodes” or something to that effect.

It seems like a trivial request but I think this functionality could be extremely useful.

Thanks :slight_smile:

+1 for this

Just disconnect the nodes you want to “comment out”.

Coming from other node-based software (Nuke) where you can do this, I agree this would be incredibly helpful.


and that reconnect if you need again, yea but that not a point

Hi everyone,

This has already been added to our system as UE-12270. Unfortunately, I do not have a timeframe of if or when this will be addressed.

+1 for this request. It is a feature that I really miss in blueprints.

I really don’t understand why that at the end of feature list!
Block/Pass through/Disable/“Comment” - this is EXTREMELY useful and this feature uses constantly in all node based software to temporary disable some nodes, and that feature exists in most of node based software like Nuke, Houdini… (and even in Shake 15 years ago…)

Could I make simple example to you - how is it possible to your programmers work without commenting code, without // or /* */?..