Add array Bug report

If I create an array of a certain object(Zombie), it only can accept that type of object(Zombie).

If i take another object(Human), and click add, and then plug the (Zombie) Array, it compiles. If I then run the game, it crashes.

After the engine restarts, it then highlights it yellow as a warning.


What is the Variable Type of your Zombie Array? Are the Human and Zombie classes both based off of character?

Yes, So my array is of type zombie. But I have two types of zombies not based off the same parent but both have the same interface, so I needed to change the array of zombies to array of actors.

(I was just saying human as an example before)

Let me try and re-explain.

Create array of type zombie.
Do an overlap, grab the “Other Actor”, right click and then click add.
Now get the zombie array, and it lets you plug into the add node that was just created when it should not. Does not show a warning till after crashing when playing the game.

Thank you for the clarification. I attempted to reproduce your crash, but I didn’t get the same results. I am going to list the steps I took to reproduce the issue. Please let me know if I’m missing anything, or doing anything incorrectly. I did this in the Third Person Character blueprint.

  1. Created an array of actors.
  2. On Capsule Component hit, checked if the other actor implemented the interface.
  3. Branched, and on True, added the other actor to the array of actors.

The only part in your explanation that was a bit confusing was that you first said you had an array of type zombie, but you also said you changed it to an array of actors. If I used an array of any other type than actor, it would not accept the Other Actor as an input.

Here is a minute long video of me doing it, and then making it crash by running it.

(Mouse lags when recording…99% ram consumption!..need more ram…)

Thank you for creating a video. Unfortunately, I am still unable to reproduce the crash following the steps in your video, which makes me think it may have something to do with the way you have it set up in your project. Could you recreate the setup and crash in a new project, zip up the project, and provide me with a link to Dropbox or Google Drive so I can determine the cause of the issue? Thank you.